Friday, 25 August 2017

Glossary : Desined For Good ( Reading )

WALT - come up with a Glossary

Success Criteria
  • I must have the right meaning for the word
  • I must have the words that I don’t know and find the meaning

Industrial   -   Industrial is when something is very good when it come to extent or amount       

Conservation  - conservation is when an action is conserving in particular

Efficient  -  Efficient is when a person is working in a well organized way

Innovative - innovative is a person that introduces new ideas that are original and creative

Durable  - durable is something that is very strong against things and can last long

Extension  - when something a population of an animal or any kind of thing is dropping and losing more and more

Refining - when you want to move or take something out of the process.

Biochemist - Biochemist is an expert in science.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Reflection ( Sewing:Tech )

Screenshot 2017-08-21 at 11.37.32 AM.png

Now this right here is a bag that I have made in sewing class at tech and it was a very good experiance for me because it was my first time using and knowing how to use a sewing machine. So how I made this bag was pretty hard but fun at the same time. At the start of this class we did a little practice for how to move the fabric while sewing, then we started the process of these bags by getting two pieces of square fabric that is 36 centimeters down and 33 centimeters long and long piece of fabric then what you do next is get your sewing machine and sew them up together and there you have it your bag that you can use jor shopping and many other things as well so if you do this then maybe comment down below and put a picture down with your comment.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Explanation: What family means to me

What family means to me

WALT write an explanation

Success Criteria
I must have strong reason
I must have correct punctuation

Family is one the most important things in your life so if I were you I would spend as much time with my family throughout my life, you never know what comes around in your family's life including yours.

For family is everything to me because they have feed,looked after me and always supporting me and if that is you family then you should be grateful for they have done to you for over the past years from when you were born to this moment and to me I am very grateful for what they do.

For me I spend as much time with my family as I can because you will never what will to your family's life and your life especially mine and your mum because they are the ones that have gave birth to and looked after you throughout all this time. Me and my mum are very close we will do everything together like have launch, go out to the park and even cleaning the house. And if you are very close to any of your family members then enjoy most of your life with them.

And here is the final bit of my story. To me family is a huge thing in my life and if family means nothing to you then what the hell is wrong with you. But for me I have not seen my parents in eight years and I am very excited of going back to america and I hope that you have learnt something from my story.  

Saturday, 29 July 2017

It's ok to make mistakes ( Poem )

WALT: Write creatively on the topic from personal experiences.

It's ok to make mistakes

I smashed my cousins tablet against the wall
He was so angry
He is the oldest of all
I ask for forgiveness
That didn’t happen
But in my mind I felt a little stubborn

After a while I tried again
And still no reply from him
I ask to be his slave
And finally yes from the older one
But I forgot he will be a pain in the bottom
Anyways I did what he said
And this will teach me not to do it again

I learn from my mistakes throughout my life
I almost stabbed my foot with a knife
So from now on wards I will always be his slave

So I promised him that I will not do it again.

Thank you for reading

Thursday, 29 June 2017

The Matariki Tercet Poem

Evil twin

  Screenshot 2017-05-02 at 11.25.13 AM.pngScreenshot 2017-05-02 at 11.33.23 AM.png           

WALT to use our creative skills to write and interesting narrative

Success Criteria

I must use Figurative language
I must use an interesting story starter
I must use adjectives to describe the character and the setting
I must have strong verbs
I must use expensive Vocabulary in my writing
I must use punctuation at the right time
I must use show not tell

As the hungry owl stalks its next prey, Billy and his twin Bob were walking through the woods during midnight making plans for the next day. Billy said “It will be a typical day as always” Billy sighed, however evil mischievous  twin brother Bob was making plans of his own to ruin the woods. “NOOO!” cried  Joshua “You aren't doing anything bad tomorrow, and if you do you won’t like what's coming” he said with his enraged voice..

As the sun shines through the slightly opened curtain Billy realises that Bob is no longer sound asleep in his bed. Rubbing his eyes he realises flame figures coming in from the window and suddenly realises the plan his evil brother was making all along.. As he scans the whole house he sees his brother outside and zooms out the door with panic. The only realization is that his brother is really trying to put the fire out.

Moments later they see bright red and orange lights rushing to the exact same location that they are at. They sprint to the fire truck and tell them everything they know. Which wasn’t much as they were both supposedly inside. As the two twins reminis everything that just happened they go back inside with an empty mind.

As time pasts the fire is soon nowhere to be seen, but the damage is completely visible. As I sit there wondering… Why did he help? I thought he was evil? Is that even my brother. After hours of sitting at the curb of my bed, I build up enough courage to confront my brother.

As I walk down the creepy hallway I find myself in front of my brothers bedroom door. I open slightly but see no figures inside. I peer around the corner and see him. Hes softly brushing his hair with the same prickly black brush I bought him last year. “Soooo…. That fire was um, big. Why did you help by the way?”. I said it as quick as I could his face filled up with expression. As I crossed my eyes enraged I slowly walk away. I faintly hear his gentle voice say “Because I’m a nice person”. These words deafen me. My twin brother has never been good. My head fills up with anxiousness but I should accept his choice. I mean he's changing for the great or good. Right?