Thursday, 29 June 2017

The Matariki Tercet Poem

Evil twin

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WALT to use our creative skills to write and interesting narrative

Success Criteria

I must use Figurative language
I must use an interesting story starter
I must use adjectives to describe the character and the setting
I must have strong verbs
I must use expensive Vocabulary in my writing
I must use punctuation at the right time
I must use show not tell

As the hungry owl stalks its next prey, Billy and his twin Bob were walking through the woods during midnight making plans for the next day. Billy said “It will be a typical day as always” Billy sighed, however evil mischievous  twin brother Bob was making plans of his own to ruin the woods. “NOOO!” cried  Joshua “You aren't doing anything bad tomorrow, and if you do you won’t like what's coming” he said with his enraged voice..

As the sun shines through the slightly opened curtain Billy realises that Bob is no longer sound asleep in his bed. Rubbing his eyes he realises flame figures coming in from the window and suddenly realises the plan his evil brother was making all along.. As he scans the whole house he sees his brother outside and zooms out the door with panic. The only realization is that his brother is really trying to put the fire out.

Moments later they see bright red and orange lights rushing to the exact same location that they are at. They sprint to the fire truck and tell them everything they know. Which wasn’t much as they were both supposedly inside. As the two twins reminis everything that just happened they go back inside with an empty mind.

As time pasts the fire is soon nowhere to be seen, but the damage is completely visible. As I sit there wondering… Why did he help? I thought he was evil? Is that even my brother. After hours of sitting at the curb of my bed, I build up enough courage to confront my brother.

As I walk down the creepy hallway I find myself in front of my brothers bedroom door. I open slightly but see no figures inside. I peer around the corner and see him. Hes softly brushing his hair with the same prickly black brush I bought him last year. “Soooo…. That fire was um, big. Why did you help by the way?”. I said it as quick as I could his face filled up with expression. As I crossed my eyes enraged I slowly walk away. I faintly hear his gentle voice say “Because I’m a nice person”. These words deafen me. My twin brother has never been good. My head fills up with anxiousness but I should accept his choice. I mean he's changing for the great or good. Right?

Friday, 19 May 2017

Reading Comprehension: Salim's Mysterious Box

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As I was doing this reading comprehension I actually learnt a new words. What made this story interesting was how he was using strong and interesting vocabulary and the adjectives that he used to describe what was happening in the story.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Recount on holiday

WALT - write a recount about school holiday
Joshua           Friday February

Success Criteria
1 We have to use past tense
2 We have to use time connectives
3 We have to use an orientation,sequence of events and a conclusion
4 We must use expensive words,adjectives and adverbs to make our writing more interesting

Bang !!! as my cousin slammed the door right in front of my face.  Just then I remembered that my family and I are going to Okahu beach.  Everyone was busy getting everything  ready.
As we were about to leave,my sister couldn’t find her togs then we waited for her to find them. After 20 minutes and she still couldn’t find it so then my auntie told her to just come because we have to go.

We were in the van ready to go it took us awhile but we were just 5 minutes from getting to Okahu beach.After a while we have just finish setting up the tent for us to stay under so that we wouldn’t get sunburned.Then my cousin and I were playing touch with some of my friends from church and my friends were winning by 3 because we had 14 points when they had 17.Finally we had some food like taro,chopsui,kumara,fish and some sandwiches before we left.My family and arrived home and most of us were sleeping especially me I was so tired I hoped on my uncle's back so then he took to my room and put me on to my bed so that I had a lot of rest we had stayed there for 3 hours and got home at 6.00 pm.

1 am monday everyone was sleeping and I just needed to go to the toilet but then I just couldn’t get out of bed so then I peed my pants naa just kidding.Next moring school Boarrrrrrrrrring.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Omaru Creek Velocity

Today we went down to look at the speed of the water in Omaru Creek.  We made some paper boats, took it down there and let them sailed in the water.  It was great to see the water flowing and not standing still like the first time we went there.

converting fraction to decimals then decimals to percentage

Friday, 3 March 2017

descriptive writing on organic blueberries

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Taste like a lot of ice and a little like raspberries and sour but I did not care.
It feels moushi and like a balloon
Looks like wrinkled fingers
It heard like nothing was there

I was watching miss going around but when it came to me my hand dived in and grabbed the blueberries and I jumped up and hit Sini’s face by accident or was it on purpose.When I had the blueberries it felt moushi and it smelt like sweaty armpits it looked like wrinkled fingers and the blue berries tasted like someone's toe james went into the blueberry packet but the aftertaste was good or was it.